Many people ask us. How do you freeze your corn?  We have tried many ways to freeze on the cob and have not found one that we like. Besides it takes up a lot of room in your freezer. To enjoy the fresh taste of our sweet corn year around try this:

Husk your corn, put it in a big pot, bring to a boil and let it boil for about 3 minutes. Take the corn out and cool down in ice cold water. Cut the corn off of the cob with a sharp knife and put into freezer bags. Its that simple and you will be glad this winter that you took the time. It takes approx 6-8 ears of corn to fill a quart freezer bag.

Here is one of our family's favorite recipes:

Take 2 - 1 quart freezer bags of our corn ( thawed)
1- 8 oz pkg of cream cheese softened
1 stick of real butter melted
Mix well and bake bout 1 hour @ 350

When you cook corn on the cob just to eat. Only boil for about 3 minutes, any longer than that will just boil out all the flavor.



Fresh Picked Daily

Our corn at Lutz Farms LLC. is picked fresh daily. We take pride in knowing that our customers are getting the highest quality sweet corn in the area.

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